Sunday, July 28, 2019

Artist, Author, Workshop Leader, and Community Organizer

Photo taken at the opening of my solo show "Circling Perseverance" at the Art Lab in 2016

I would like to be contacted about:
participating in any creative endeavor, 
being an artist for a show or event,
giving a book reading, 
leading an art, creative writing, or educational workshop,
 or facilitating a tour of the Rivoli Park Labyrinth or the murals in Rivoli Park Neighborhood 
(Rivoli Park is located on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis, IN). 

----------Lisa M. Boyles (317) 792-3483

Founder & Coordinator of Community Events- Rivoli Park Labyrinth (2013-present)
Online Course Creator & Facilitator- "Experiencing a Labyrinth"  Recovery Cafe (2020)
Artist and Art Workshop Leader-
2 D solo art show at Get Dirty Ceramics in the Murphy Building in Fountain Square (2019)
Mural Organizer and Fundraiser-"American 3.14" (2018)
Author & Illustrator-"Circling Perseverance" book by Lisa M. Boyles (2018)
Laughter Yoga Workshop Leader - The Hermitage & other sites in Indianapolis (2017-18)
Artist-"Outsider Art Show" (2013-2018)
Artist, Organizer, & Curator -"One Degree of Separation" Irvington Public Library (2017)
Artist- "The April Show" (2014-2017)
Artist- "Circling Perseverance" solo art show at The Art Lab in Carmel, IN (2016)
Mural Organizer, Volunteer Coordinator & Fundraiser- "Color the World with Love" (2015)
Mural Organizer - Rivoli Park Neighborhood (2014)
Creative Writing Workshop Leader-
Indianapolis Public Library (2014) and Trade School Indianapolis (2013)