Saturday, May 27, 2023

Lisa Marguerite-Ordained Minister

I received my ordination through the Universal Life Church in April of 2022. I was then certified in Reiki I and II in April of 2023. I have been busy being a special education teacher, but now that the learning curve with my full time profession has leveled out, I am able to focus on being a conduit of good in the world as an ordained minister and healer in addition to being an educator. Please reach out to me with any requests or questions. (317) 792-3483. Sincere thanks.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Join us as creative adventurers

Summer 2021

South Haven, Michigan

“Rekindle Creativity” All-Inclusive Art Retreat

We will be a community of adventurers who engage in mindful practices. Together we will eat and art in tune with our bodies, mind, and nature.



Join us for this all-inclusive retreat in South Haven, Michigan

June 24-June 27, 2021. Check-in at 4 pm Thursday. The experience ends at 12 noon Sunday.



What is included?

Three night’s accommodation and meals.

All level painting workshop with feedback and encouragement.

All level creativity playshop with feedback and encouragement.

Discussion and practice of contemplation, attention, sound, and breath disciplines. 

All supplies included. 


Your co-leaders for this experience:

Lisa Boyles BS, MA, MAT

Lisa is a tutor, artist, and spiritual seeker based in Indianapolis.

Lisa is the founder of the Rivoli Park Labyrinth, project lead for community projects, and an enthusiastic artist of life. Her many years of guiding people to flower where they are will become obvious as she facilitates the creativity playshop. and


Marjorie Boyles BFA, MAT, MFA

Marjorie is an artist and educator based in Chicago.

Marjorie’s passion for the act of arting will inspire you to connect with the process of plein air painting no matter your level of experience. and

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Do what is on fire inside of you.  More often than anything else, the world needs persons who are on fire. -Howard Thurman

Friday, April 10, 2020

My Promise to You

I do what I do today because people want to reawaken the flow of creativity in their lives and open up the reserves of ideas within. I help people fulfill their purpose and share their spark with the world. 
                  -Lisa M. Boyles: Artist of Life
#creativity #purpose #spark #flow

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Commission a Piece of Art

I enjoy doing medium-sized commission pieces such as this approximately 2 foot by 2 foot work. And I also do small commission works, such as this postcard below. Contact me at (317) 792-3483 or and tell me what your heart desires.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Public Speaker

My signature talk is about the healing power of creativity.  I weave my story of recovery in with quotes and research about creativity and healing.  I offer life coaching and mentoring based on these themes as well. My talk can be coupled with an art workshop or other interactive activity. 

----------Lisa M. Boyles (317) 792-3483

2014-Present   "In Our Own Voice" presenter - National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
2020 Speaker - Indy Progressive Rotary
2019  Main Speaker - Unity of Indianapolis
2019 Keynote Presenter -  Trusted Mentors
2017    Presenter - Knowledge Empowers You (KEY) conference
2013    International Speech Contest Winner - Golden Gavel Club of Toastmasters
2012    Actor - Nobody Needs to Know Project by AMHPA
2011   Lay Message Giver - Irvington Friends Meeting (Programmed)